Life is peaceful & productive without Facebook



Peaceful walk alone at Popham Beach

I took advantage of a rare chance to travel by myself last Friday, two hours south to Popham Beach. The whole way I was able to listen to the music I chose, I didn’t have to pull over to let little people pee, and I took time to think. On the way back I reflected on the beauty of this place, and how lovely it will be for my brother-in-law and his fiancée to get married here in July. I walked on the beach– all by myself–picking up loads of whole sand dollars along the way. As I was listening to the ocean waves clapping against the sand and the seagulls squawk it struck me how peaceful it all was.

I realized in the midst of such beauty and peace that going a whole week without logging onto Facebook had actually given my mind some peace. I can’t believe that Facebook had such a hold on my mental state for the last 6 years. I feel like I can dedicate my mind to other things, many more important things. I have more time to think about what I want my life to be, not what it looks like to other people. I have a more time to look at the Lego creations that the boys have made, to study the pictures that they’ve drawn and to listen to their made up stories with my full attention. I do still pick up the computer during the day (out of habit I suppose), but surprisingly i’m not losing track of the hours anymore. The internet has turned out to be rather boring for such a nosy person without access to other people’s Facebook posts. Now, I can get online, check my email, check the weather, Google search a recipe, and even peruse Pinterest all in a matter of 15 minutes or so.


Mothers Day Flowers add a little color to the porch

I have also found that I have more time to spend outside (it does help that the weather has been warm and sunny for a whole week now). This week I began taking daily 2 mile walks, something I feel motivated to continue since it’s not especially hard to walk down the road. I am excited to begin feeling better physically, so I’ve also started, as of today, the “Whole 30” food challenge. Since having kids, I’ve let myself go in so many ways. I’m finally ready to face the fact that I’m not getting younger, nor will I get in better shape or feel better if I don’t actually do something about it. I can think about it all I want, but really, if I don’t change the way that I eat or change the fact that i’d rather sit then take a walk, the pounds will continue to grow on me and I’ll feel more tired every day. How can I be a mom to 4 and not be in good enough shape to keep up with them?

I am ready to turn over a new leaf–to move on and make my life more intentional. I have a dear friend that is keeping me accountable on this 30 day food detox. I’m sure she won’t let me down, but I also want to share this experience with others. This will help me continue to be motivated and, hopefully, it will encourage others as to the potential of changing life habits. This is not a diet, but a life change. I don’t like to be uncomfortable, and I don’t like the threat of change. But I feel strongly that these changes are, and will be, the best things for me and my family. Out with the sugar and entertainment addictions and in with more salads and gardening!

the kids want to help mama get healthy so they join me for a walk.

the kids want to help mama get healthy so they join me for a walk.



Joel plowed up the gardens this weekend for the planting season that is finally upon us. I have cleaned up all of my herb and flower garden beds and planted some new flowers to enjoy. My plan is to plant enough flowers this year so that we can have them all summer long in the garden as well as cut some for the kitchen table. There’s something especially cheery about a fresh bouquet of home grown flowers on my table that brings me joy; it’s like i’ve brought a little sunshine in with them.



breaking ground


the farmer checks out his new tilled garden plot


I have been trying to give our tomato seedlings a little extra attention since they’re not looking as good as they should be. We started them inside and I think they just haven’t had a warm enough environment to grow well. Already, with more sunlight and a little organic fertilizer, they seem to look a little better. I also spent a little while pruning our lilac trees and plum trees the last couple of days which will hopefully help them produce better this year. The apple blossoms and cherry blossoms are just starting to come out which is one of the most joyful sights! I will get a picture of them when they really come on so that the barn photo above is more fitting for the season.


Cherry Blossoms

The kids have loved the warm weather and have spent almost all of their time outside. Titus & Jeremiah are now big enough and trustworthy enough to ride their bikes down to the neighbors to visit. It’s wonderful to have neighbors who are our good friends and who also really enjoy the boys’ visits. I have also started letting the boys play in the stream on the edge of our property without me being right there beside them. This was a hard decision for me, but after talking with Joel and knowing that both Titus and Jeremiah have gone through very good swimming lessons we are allowing them to go down there alone. Joel found an old boat that he had as a child and the boys have spent days floating it up and down the stream in front of the house. They love getting wet and running around in the sun to dry off.

playing in the stream with their boat

playing in the stream with their boat


Jeremiah hooks a worm to his pole for some fishing in the stream

jumping in the stream

jumping in the stream

Silas tags along with his brothers sometimes, but mostly he likes hanging out with me or Joel alone while the big brothers are playing. He’s a whole different kid when he’s alone. He really wants to help and he talks with us the whoe time. His thoughts are sometimes difficult to express, but he is very insightful.

Si guy playing by the stream

Si guy playing by the stream

Anna, as you can imagine, is just about the cutest little girl I could ask for. She is full of smiles and giggles but at the same time is a little tomboy, even a daredevil at times. She shows up all three of her brothers when it comes to climbing, falling, and chasing the chickens. I have a feeling that as she grows older I may have to worry about her, but in the meantime I enjoy Anna’s curiosity and spunk. She’s definitely not as cautious as the boys are, but that’s really okay with me.

muddy Anna Jane. Happy & content.

muddy Anna Jane. Happy & content.



It’s hard to say what this blog will look like over time. Joel and I are writing it together (I write and he edits), and it takes more time to work together as opposed to one of us writing alone. At some point he will share some of his work and musings about the farm. In the meantime, I do hope that you bear with us and that you’ll share our postings with your friends and family. Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Life is peaceful & productive without Facebook

  1. What a surprise to wake up to a new blog. Since you’ve left Facebook I really miss seeing what you are doing. Although I have talked to you more and even skyped, which is great. I love the pics. And I noticed the snow is gone from around the barn! Nice…. I’m glad it is finally warming up there for you and the farmer and also the kids. I know how much they enjoy the outdoors. Will be looking forward to the next one. Come on Joel, get on it. I wanna hear a story that only you can tell! Love you all. Good luck on all your new adventures. And stay motivated. Your #1 fan, Your mama! ❤

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  2. Aimee, this is so lovely! Save for today, I’ve been spending less and less time on Facebook and it’s been so nice! The excuses I’ve used in the past that have kept me chained to it bear no weight under how glorious life is away from it. Oh, and I have made bread! Honest to goodness, kneaded, shaped by hand and baked in my oven bread.

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